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Video: Why We Ordain Our Church Planting Pastors

Ordination is the way some churches have traditionally assessed the preparedness of a man before laying hands on him and commissioning him as a minster of the Gospel. But it’s not a practice that’s popular these days. Very few young churches are practicing ordination at all. Even hero’s of the faith such Spurgeon rejected the practice. It’s said that George Truett only submitted himself to be ordained at his church’s insistence.

It seems the only people who value ordination these days are Old Southern Baptists, The IRS and The Chaplaincy of the Armed Forces.

Ordination has fallen from grace by some young restless types as well. Honestly, I agree with the popular sentiment that its not a practice we find in the scripture… However, we’ve decided to continue practicing ordination in our church for several reasons that we will outline for you here in this lil’ segment. My comrade here isĀ  Jonathan Davis, Pastor of Pillar Church of Locust Grove.

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