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Do You Think Your Called to Ministry?

“Sensing a calling” is not enough to cause you to plunge into pastoral ministry. Far too many men enter ministry without the affirmation of others. Even our sincerest desires and intuitions are unreliable guides for a decision of this magnitude. If you don’t meet the Biblical qualifications of an elder you are not called to pastoral ministry. If you think you meet the biblical qualifications and your church disagrees with you, you’re not called to pastoral ministry. If you meet the biblical qualifications of an elder, your church agrees with you but you don’t desire the post, you’re not called to pastoral ministry. Avoiding careful consideration in this area could mean years of misery for you and those who have the misfortune of attending your church. The Christian ministry is extremely difficult and discouraging. It is full of men who wish they’d chosen a different occupation and would abandon their post in a moment if they could conceive a feasible way to escape. Don’t enter the pastoral ministry lightly. If you do, tremendous difficulties are likely to follow and James warns, that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.

Some men are called though – I have a few things to say about the subject if you want to listen to this clip – Church Planter Trifecta Audio

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