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Retro Video, Book & Comic: The Gospel Blimp (1967)

In 2009 I sat in on the “intern discussions” at Capital Hill Baptist Church in DC. The semesters reading list was what you’d expect, books about ministry and polity… but during the course of the semester I learned of this strange title book, “The Gospel Blimp” by Joseph Bayly. Apparently it was popular when it was first published in the mid 1960’s because it was made into a comic book (retail 39 cents) and a 40 minute film. The book is short, it’s a parable about misguided “modern” evangelistic efforts and it is well worth the hour or so it will take you to read it. If your more the comic book type you can download it HERE or if you really enjoy retro movies you can watch it below. It doesnt really matter what you choose, the story is basically the same in all three. Since reading the book in 2009 I have given it away and recommended it dozens of times. I hope you’ll fund it as memorable and convicting is I did.

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