To My Love on Valentines Day


Tomorrow marks seventeen years since I stood before your perfect face, dimly lit by the golden glow of a nearby “Burger King” sign. That evening I invited you into my life and I have been inviting you ever since. I was nervous that day because you were, in my estimation, far “out of my league”. Despite the moisture in my palms and the pending moisture in my pants, I was able to squeak out a version of the words I’d been rehearsing for several days leading up to our meeting. To my delight you accepted my invitation.

What was impossible for me to know then, is now, impossible for me to ignore; inviting you into my life was the best decision I have ever made.  No title, compliment, award or notoriety I have received from that day until now is as valuable to me as your companionship. After 17 years of courtship, 13 years of marriage, four children and countless possessions nothing in this life means more to me than your friendship. You possess a rare magic, uncommon among women, to make me feel worthwhile simply by being close to me.

The more I know you, the more I want to know you.

I have heard others claim that behind every good man is a great woman. I can neither confirm nor deny the truthfulness of this. Perhaps there are some good men without great women in this world – but I can with certainty say that it is the case with me. You have endured severe tests and remained loving and loyal through them all. You have comforted me in weakness and stood silently by as others applaud me for strength. You have seen my hypocrisy and responded with love instead of disgust. You have joyfully and selflessly followed me to places I am certain you did not wish to go. You are a treasure to me beyond all comparison and I love you today and forever.



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    Karen Goodwin says

    Clint knows the beauty and value of a precious wife. I’m voting for him! He’s my favorite.

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    Gale McKinney says

    With tears in my eyes for how much your lovely wife means to you, I vote for you.

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    Mary Gallagher says

    I vote for Clint. Awesome letter.

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    Sheila says

    Beautiful. Thank you for cherishing your wife as you both follow the Lord and seek to share Love and His good news with others.

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