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New Praetorian Film

In 2005 Pillar Church was planted near USMC base Quantico in the Washington DC Suburbs. Since that time Pillar has been working to reach Marines and their families with the Gospel of Christ. Because Marines move around a lot, we have decided that we should to do all we can to establish new churches near USMC bases around the world. We hope to equip the men from our congregation to start these new churches and do what we can to encourage them as they work. We call this effort “The Praetorian Project“. Over the past few years many churches have joined us in this effort and today the Praetorian Project is four churches with plans to start two more next year! We couldn’t be more excited about all that is going on. One of the way’s we’ve decided to get the word out about the Praetorian project is by asking churches to show one of our films (We have three) in their worship service on the Marine Corps 238th birthday/Veterans Day – November 10th, 2013. So far more than 100 churches have agreed to show one of our films that day. We’d like you to consider showing one too.

Today, we are releasing a brand new Praetorian Project film. The film is just over five minuets long and we’d be honored if you’d consider showing it to your congregation this Veterans day weekend.

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