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Five Priorities (Part 4)

Priority # 4 – Don’t do for your church what you are unwilling to do for your family.
“The sad truth is that many pastors view their home life as a place to decompress from the stress of ministry, a place where they don’t have to be the pastor. These pastors exhaust themselves in service to others, yet are unwilling to serve their family with the same zeal. If you meet with members of your church for prayer when they are sick, make sure you do the same with members of your family when they aren’t feeling well. If you teach the Bible to members of your church, be sure to teach the Bible to the members of your family as well. If you are patient with those who disagree with you in the church, be sure to show the same grace toward the members of your own household.”

This is a excerpt from the chapter I wrote in “PLANT”. PLANT is a new resource produced by “Innovative Faith Resources” designed to equip church planters. You can order “PLANT” or watch a promo video about it HERE

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