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Five Priorities (Part 5)

Priority # 5 – Exploit the benefits of ministry for the joy of your family.

“Planting a new church will tax your family in unexpected ways. Your wife and children will experience the ups and downs of church planting as much as you will. They will tire from unrealistic expectations, constant schedule interruptions, and other disruptions that ministry life brings. Because of this, you should search for every opportunity to exploit the benefits of ministry for the joy of your family. Maybe your flexible schedule will allow you to be a frequent visitor at school lunches, or your access to an LCD projector will allow for a memorable family movie night. Perhaps a church member will let you use their vacation home for a weekend getaway, or maybe the leftovers from a church ice cream social will make a banana split your kids will never forget. If you keep your eyes open, you will find small ways to bless your family and a make ministry enjoyable to them.”

This is a excerpt from the chapter I wrote in “PLANT”. PLANT is a new resource produced by “Innovative Faith Resources” designed to equip church planters. You can order “PLANT” or watch a promo video about it HERE

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