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Church Planter Pirates (Part 3)

James McDonald…

My wife went through a lot to bring our three children into the world. Carrying them for nine months, the trips to the doctor, the uncertainty, the anxiety, the actual process of labor, delivering the baby, it’s just painful. “Mother Church” is a perfect image. If’ you are looking to avoid pain, don’t plant churches. Usually when a staff member comes to the end of their tenure at Harvest (Bible Chapel) they get kind of focus on all the stuff that’s wrong with things where they are and how they’re going to do it differently. I’ve just learned to embrace that as something that is healthy to the process… Another thing that I have noticed is that when you send people out with them, your best people go. I’m not criticizing the people that stay, they’ve grown up and taken their place and I love them just as much as I love the people who went but when you send out people to plant a new church they come off the top, the most passionate, the most mature, the most generous givers, the most committed to the ministry and the mission. There willing to sacrifice to see what they’ve experienced replicated somewhere else.”[1]

[1] McDonald, James; Video “What are some things a “Mother Church” should consider as it things about spinning off a church plant?”

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