Really Exciting News!!!

This time seven years ago my family was living in Reykjavik, Iceland – the worlds Northernmost Capital. We’d gone there on Pillar Church’s first international church planting adventure The Iceland Project. Great memories…

A lot has happened since we first stepped foot in Iceland. Colby Garman spent two years there and learned the Icelandic Language. The honorable Bill Jessup is living there now and suffering a second cold, harsh winter…. and of course the boyish and brilliant Bobby O and his pretty young wife have given their 2013 as an offering to the God.

But the whole work has been building to this one simple goal… A Gospel-Centered, multiplying Icelandic church.

So friends… here it is… Loftstofin (or for those whose Icelandic is a little rusty, “The Upper Room”

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    Becky Porter says

    AWESOME !! This is fantastic news.

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