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20060914-arnal-mw12-003-910Got this from Matthew Hawkins today over at ERLC, Very interesting info about DC. See the source HERE.

Bad news for all you Morning Tax readers in D.C.: Our Kelsey Snell reports that District residents have the lowest purchasing power in the country, according to a Tax Foundation analysis. ‘The value of goods that $100 can buy in DC is equal to $84.60 compared to the national average, according to their analysis of data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. The same money can get you $115.74 in Mississippi. The District tops the list of the states where $100 is worth the least, followed by Hawaii at $85.32, New York at $86.66, New Jersey at $87.64, and California at $88.57. Mississippi is joined at the high end of the purchase power spectrum by Arkansas where $100 buys you $114.16 in goods, Missouri at $113.51, Alabama at $113.51, and South Dakota at $113.38. 


So… pray for our planters in DC and pray that God would allow these churches to grow to points of sustainably quickly!.

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