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Birth Announcement: Pillar Church of Kaneohe

I wish i had a dollar for every time someone sarcastically said, “Really suffering for Jesus, huh” about the Praetorian Project’s next move to Kaneohe Bay, HI. I understand the sentiment, in fact, i’ve probably been guilty of a similar comment at some point in the past.  A  vision trip to Oahu in 2012, however, sobered my sarcastic tone.


There is a tremendous need for the gospel in Hawaii. TGC had a helpful article on the subject a few years ago that i’d encourage you to read. Suffice to say, both Hawaiians and mainlanders living in Hawaii are in need of faithful missionaries and churches. Additionally, all five US service branches have a significant presence on the island of Oahu. More than 100,000 service members and their families live on the Island making up 10% of the island’s population.IMG_0620

This weekend my family attended the service at Pillar Church of Jacksonville, NC to celebrate the sending of Johnny and Robin Griffith to Kaneohe bay, HI (k-bay). A few years ago Johnny was pastoring a church in Georga when an article about the Praetorian Project captured his attention in an issue of On Mission Magazine. Johnny, a veteran Marine himself, learned about the project and eventually resigned his pastorate in Georgia and moved his family of four to Camp Lejeune, NC to be a part of the project.


Pillar Jax is only three years old and the griffith family is the second church planter they’ve sent out since their first worship service in 2012. in February 2014 Pillar Jax commissioned Jonathan and Linnea Ransom to plant Pillar Church of Oceanside, CA near Camp Pendleton, CA. 

The Griffith family will arrive in K-bay in a few weeks and start the process of planting Pillar Church of Kaneohe. If you want to know more about how to support the griffith family you can email Johnny at

The Praetorian Project is a effort to start gospel churches near military installations worldwide. You can follow the Praetorian Project on Twitter @praetorianproj, On Facebook or visit our website at

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