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Church Planters – Try a Wishlist


As you are out trying to drum up support for a new church you may find a few potential supporters that are verbally supportive, but unwilling to give financially. I have found that churches that fall into this category are often willing to directly fund specific projects for new churches even if they will not commit to giving monthly. When I started Pillar Church in 2005, I made a pictorial wish list of the items we wanted for the first year of ministry. The list varied from very inexpensive things, like stamps and nursery toys, to very expensive things, like a 24-foot trailer and a sound system. I was amazed how generous the once resistant churches became when they were asked to give money to a very specific cause rather than a general one. In some cases individuals and churches had connections that made it significantly cheaper to obtain the supplies we needed. In the end, a church or individual provided nearly every item in my catalog, totaling more than $60,000 in equipment and supplies.

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