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What Do We Need to Plant a Church?

Do we need money? Money would be helpful but churches all over the world get started with little to no money. So, no money is not necessary. Besides, money follows resources always accompany a compelling vision by a compelling leadership. Limitless resources are available to any church plant  through a clearly articulated compelling vision for reaching the lost. assets are of little value to a church with no vision for using them. On the other hand, churches with vision will eventually have assets because vision is a magnet for resources. Stronger and clearer the vision the heavier the flow is resources will be.

Do we need a large team? We’ll it would be ideal to be able to send 50 or 100 Christians to start a new church – but it seems that new testament churches were started on a whole lot less than that. Maybe  3 or 4 highly committed christians get the job done.

Do we need a place to meet? Yes, but there are plenty of free or cheap public spaces and private homes we could use until we can afford something better.

Do we need leaders? Yes, we do need leaders. No way to get around that one! In my observation, only one resource is necessary for a church to begin planting another church, and it has nothing to do with buildings or budgets. That one necessary resource is a ready leader. Churches are planted by missionary-pastors sent by Kingdom-building churches. So, if you’ve looking for the church planting silver bullet, here it is. The only thing you absolutely must have in order to plant a new church is a scripturally qualified, missionary-pastor to send.

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