Church Planting Primer: Why New Churches Are Needed And How They Are Started (2017)

Church history teaches us that church planting is the means by which the Gospel spreads throughout the world. The Book of Acts reveals to us how Christianity rapidly changed from a regional uprising to a worldwide movement through the multiplication of small churches. Today, with more than 80% of evangelical churches in America plateauing or declining and more than 9,000 churches closing annually, new churches are desperately needed. This is an introduction to church planting that will provide a biblical-rationale for planting new churches, as well as practical next steps that anyone can take to get involved in the work of church planting and fulfilling the Great Commission!





Adobe Photoshop PDFChurch Planting Thresholds: A Gospel-Centered Church Planting Guide (2016)

Have you ever considered the incredible historical and geographical odds against Christianity? Over two thousand years ago, the self-proclaimed Son of God and His rag-tag band of disciples first preached the Gospel in a small Roman province. From there, the Good News spread north, south, east, and west. It crossed oceans, climbed mountains, and traveled on horseback and footpath over every imaginable terrain. Within just a few generations Christianity grew from an obscure, regional uprising into a worldwide movement through the multiplication of local churches.

Church Planting Thresholds explores both the why’s and the how’s of church planting, providing “Thresholds” that serve as progress mileposts along the church planting journey. This simple guide will encourage ordinary Christians as they seek to fulfill the Great Commission through planting churches.




Deploy To Multiply (2017) (eBook)

Many churches want to plant new churches. Yet, it takes careful planning and God-birthed vision to execute a church plant with any measure of success. In this e-book, Clint Clifton discusses how a church can plant efficiently and effectively so that North America can be saturated with healthy, disciple-making churches in the years ahead.






Praetorian Cover

Praetorian Project: Multiplying the Gospel Through Military Church Planting (2015)

Our strategy is simple – so simple it’s hard even to call it a strategy. We want to see men and women serving in the U.S. military become faith- ful, committed followers of Christ, and then, as their career moves them around, to organize them to form new congregations in places of need. In short, we are aiming to plant a network of gospel-loving churches near military installations worldwide.







Our City - Clint Clifton-1Our City: Reaching Metro DC Through Church Planting (2016)

Prosperous, generous and diverse, our nation’s capital is one of the most influential cities in the modern world. On the surface, Washington, DC is a thriving metropolis, well known for its rich political and social history, and home to some of America’s most impressive architecture, art, food, sports and entertainment. Spiritually speaking, however, our city is in steep decline. More than six million people representing various racial, cultural and religious backgrounds live in metropolitan Washington. However, research shows that only 12.5 percent have an affiliation with an evangelical church

Click here for a free PDF version of the Our City book. If you would like hard copies for you or your church, please contact me through this form.


Pastoral Health - Clint Clifton-2

Plant: Pastoral Health (2012)

PLANT, an equipping resource designed and written by church planters for church planters. From beginning to end you will find practical, relevant and timely insights to help you in your church planting journey – whether you have recently launched or you are still preparing to go public with your new church.

PLANT’s narrative format along with its embedded exercises and discussion questions allows you to utilize this material in a variety of settings. While an individual can certainly benefit from working through this material by himself, the intent is that the church planter can utilize this material with his church planting team.

Click here for a free PDF version of the Our City book. If you would like hard copies for you or your church, you can buy them at

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