Church Planting Podcast Show Notes:

The church planting podcast is a 13 episode audio podcast season that was recorded in 2014. The podcast is hosted by Clint Clifton and  consists of a 15-30 minute telephone interview with an individual who has exhibited excellency in a particular aspect of church planting.

Episode Listing:

  1. Calling (Dave Harvey)  
  2. Pastoral partners (Joey Craft)
  3. Mentors (Dale Marks)
  4. Prospectus (Mike Dodson)
  5. Gathering Resources (Vince Blubaugh)
  6. Assembling a Team (Jeff Christopherson)
  7. Establishing Polity (Mike McKinley)
  8. The Church Planting Wife (Christine Hoover)
  9. Effects on the Family (Davis/Christopherson)
  10. Church life cycles (John Worshter)
  11. Leadership Development (DA Horton)
  12. Contextualization (DA Horton)
  13. Loving Your Family (DA Horton)
  14. Listen to the Podcast in itunes – HERE