The Church Planting Podcast is a weekly, interview podcast intended to help church planters and sending churches aspiring to make more disciples through church planting. The podcast first aired in early 2016. After one season, the Church Planting Podcast stopped production but the old episodes remained on iTunes. Over the following two years, the podcast grew in popularity even though no new content was being produced.
Clint recounts, “By the close of 2018 I was receiving regular requests to restart production on the podcast and it was becoming common for me to run into someone at an event and them to express gratitude for the episodes we produced in 2016.” So with a fresh vision, as well as the addition of genuine podcasting expertise from Josh Turansky and the team over at CREW Media, we were able to restart production in February of 2019. Since then the show’s audience has steadily grown.
The podcast is a non-profit venture neither Clint or Josh receive any compensation for hosting. All sponsorship proceeds go directly to improving the content and reach of the podcast.